"Our team is fully committed to expertise, elegance, and exceptional service."

A team that understands the art of modern living.

"We have a deep appreciation for the beauty of stunning modern architecture and design. We believe that every home should be a masterpiece that reflects the owner's unique style and personality".

We have the expertise and experience to help our clients navigate the New Modern and Luxury Properties market with ease. Our extensive network of connections, including financial advisors, lenders, builders, architects, and designers, ensures that our clients have access to the best resources and property portfolios available.

Our passion is helping our clients achieve their real estate dreams, whether it's buying, selling, or building their dream homes.

Wendy Cordoba

CEO | WJ Luxury Group

Realtor®, Marketing Manager

Jessica Scialletti

CEO | WJ Luxury Group

Realtor®, Investor

We are fluent in English | Spanish | French | Italian

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Why Work with Us?

Here are some of the values that we embody to ensure that our clients have a positive experience working with us.

Expertise in
Modern, Luxury & New Construction

We understand that high-end properties often have unique features and require specialized knowledge,

Luxury properties are often designed and built by some of the most prominent architects, builders, and interior designers in the industry. As a luxury real estate team, we have established a vast network of professionals in these fields, which allows us to provide our clients with access to top-tier resources and services. This network also provides us with a unique perspective on how luxury is defined by different clients and how to cater to their specific needs.

Communication is the key

We believe that clear and timely communication is the foundation of any successful transaction.

We make sure that we are always available to our clients and keep them informed about any updates or changes in the buying or selling process. We listen to our clients' needs and concerns and provide regular feedback to ensure that they feel supported throughout the entire process.

Transparence and honesty

We understand that trust is essential in any business relationship, especially in the real estate industry.

That's why we always act with integrity and honesty in our dealings with our clients. We make sure to provide full disclosure of all costs and fees associated with the transaction, and we do not engage in pushy sales tactics or pressure our clients into making a decision.

Global Marketing Strategy

"We offer a range of global marketing services, including social media, targeted online, virtual tours, exposure on websites and luxury magazines, and connections with the nation and global realtors, to give our clients' properties maximum exposure and attention."

"Our multilingual support in English, Spanish, French, and Italian ensures we can effectively communicate with buyers and sellers worldwide. This allows us to connect clients and facilitate successful transactions, no matter where they are located."

Online Real Estate Services

We provide clients with a seamless and private real estate experience, including virtual property viewings, paperless transactions, and online closings. Whether you're across town or across the world, you can buy or sell any property with confidence and ease, thanks to our innovative and secure online platform.

Exclusive Off-Market Deals

We resolve the complexities of real estate transactions for our high-end clientele. Specializing in off-market properties, we mitigate the challenges of public listings such as unwanted exposure and fierce competition. Whether you're seeking to buy or sell, our expertise makes the process seamless, discreet, and profitable. Trust us to unlock hidden opportunities in Florida's most sought-after locations.

What Our Clients Say

"Jessica runs the extra mile to make the transaction as seamless as possible and was always ready to help with any question or resolving problems.. I highly recommend her and her partner Wendy."
marieclaude w | condo buyer